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Snow White is a member of the organization Shooter of the Magic Bullet.


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She has short black hair, and dark eyes.


Snow White's real name is Yuki Ema was a student of Hikage, who he sexual abused and was seen as his sex slave back in high school. Hino Alexei would stop her from committing suicide giving her a new purpose in life. Unknowing to her afterwards that she would become the "Lock" for the "Third Emperor".

As Snow White she had no memories of her past for the last 8 years. However she did fall in love with Hino which he may have returned as he saved her life several times.

Drama Summary[]



  • Hino Alexia seemed to care greatly for her even while she was in high school.
  • Her life was saved at least three times by Hino, the last time costing him his life, with his hopes for the future and his dreams being passed to her.
  • She used to attend Mashiro Academy.
  • Snow White may have a soft spot for young children. As noted by Beast, though she denied it.