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Simon Kamishima (神島 紫門 Kamishima Simon) is the leader and founder of the Bloody-X cult. He is the father of J and K.


Simon has long, wavy dark hair, and a beard.




Past He had children with several superior women to father ten children. He had his eleventh child from eggs donated by a scientist. He had a relationship with Kaname Kujo and lived with her a little while, until she left the cult. He was imprisoned in the Kantou Special Prison after a failed terror attack againdt Tokyo's MPD, two years prior to the first season.

First Season Simon was freed by a group led by Maya Orihara, and was soon after splitting up the group for safety reasons killed by Maya by K's and J's orders.

Drama Summary[]

First Season....


  • He is played by Kyusaku Shimada in the live action drama.
  • He is 52 years old, 182 cm tall, and Pisces.