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Ryunosuke Takagi (高木 竜之介 Takagi Ryuunosuke) is the father of Fujimaru and Haruka. He used the nickname of Beast while undercover.


He has Brown hair and brown eyes. When he is in a fight he's pupils become slits


He is very caring father and cares by friends and family. He is proud of his son hacking skills.


First Season Fujimaru's father works for the Public Security Intelligence Agency under its secret Third Divison, aka Third-i as it's Vice Director. He was framed for the murder of Director Okita, and was on the run for sometime as he sought to unravel the mysteries of "Bloody Monday". He is eventually found innocent, though suffers several injuries during the seies.

In the Second Season, Ryunosuke has gone undercover in a cult group he had infiltrated eight years ago in onder to prevent a terrorist attack which has the potential to duarf the "Bloody Monday" threat. He dies in Season 2 which trying to slow down the terrorists. He was a double agent and was known as "Beast" among the terrorists led by Alexei (the "Shooter of the Magic Bullet").

Drama Summary[]

First Season....

Second Season....


  • He is played by Tetsushi Tanaka in the live action drama.
  • He is 43 years old in the first season, and 45 in the second.
  • He is 175 cm tall, he is a Cancer, and his blood group is B.
  • His favorite food is oden.