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Maya Orihara (折原マヤ Orihara Maya) is one of the main antagonists in the First Season of Bloody Monday. She is an expensive freelance spy, and both her name and face are fake. Her real name is unknown.


Maya has blonde hair going down to the middle of her back with blue eyes, which was a change from her asian look while in Russia at the beginning of the story. What doesn't change is that she likes to wear clothing that reveals a large portion of her breast and legs. Another unchanging facial trait of hers is a mole on her chin which had been decisive in nailing her down as a terrorist.


Maya is very cold and calculating in nature. However, she can switch between her true demeaneour and that of a gentle, caring one with ease when her mission calls for it. Unlike other terrorists, money is her sole target, and she will take whatever measurements possible for the sake of money, and money alone. Thus, she can be easily enraged when it comes to money issues, and her loyalty towards a leader sways easily. She is also shown having deficiency in IT knowledge despite being a free-lancer, deeming her vulnerable when coming face-to-face with hackers, who are literarily IT geniuses.


First Season: She was the one who purchased the "Bloody X" virus in Russia and was responsible for the Christmas Massacre. She had applied some of the virus on her lips and gave a goodbye kiss to the seller himself before he departed on a train, thus there goes the Christmas Massacre. Upon returning to Japan, she went undercover as a biology teacher in Mishiro Academy High School in order to observe Fujimaru Takagi. She shows that she is a cold and calculating killer who doesn't care who has to die to achieve her objective. She is revealed to be a hired mercenary for the main terrorist group and is only interested in the money promised to her job. She survives the entire incident as a whole, but was unable to receive the fortune she was expecting, much to her anger and surprise.

Second Season: She made a reappearance in the second season, working for an as-yet unknown group opposed to the main antagonists, causing her to lead support to a very wary Fujimaru.

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  • She is played by Michiko Kichise in the live action drama.
  • She is 166 cm tall and her blood group is O.
  • Her three sizes are B: 101, W: 60, H: 96.
  • She is a Taurus and is born April the 28th.
  • Her favorite food is port and shark fin.