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Mako Anzai (安斎 真子 Anzai Mako) is a member of the Newspaper Club. She is known as "K" and is one of Simon Kamishima's children and "J"'s younger sister.


Mako has long black hair reaching down to low back with brown eyes.


At first Mako seem to be a sweet and nice girl as the season begin soon after she was the daughter of the Bloody-X cult leader.


First Season A 1st year and a member of the Newspaper Club. She is a fan of the hacker Falcon. After discovering that Fujimaru was him, she gained a slight crush, more of an obessesion, with him. It is later revealed that she is actually "K", who is the mastermind behind the terrorist cult responsible for "Bloody Monday" event. When the leader of the cult is killed shorty after having escaped from prison, she takes control opf the group and sets the final events in motion. However, she is betrayed and killed by her assisted Judas as the final hour grown near. Despite her being "K" and having intentions to destroy Tokyo, her death was particulary hard for Fujimaru to take, who continues to feel some regret it in the Second Season.

Drama Summary[]

First Season....

At the end of the Second Season, it turns out that J was taking action to free her, as Mako had not died in the first season.


  • She is played by Eri Tokunaga in the live action drama.
  • Fujimaru calls her "Anko", which is a combination of her surname and given name; Anzai's "An" and Mako's "ko".
  • She is 15 years old and a Scorpio.
  • She is 149 cm tall and her three sizes are B: 87, W: 64, H: 91.
  • Her favorite food is fig and grape bread.