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Hino Alexei is the was the leader of the organization Shooter of the Magic Bullet.


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He has pale blonde hair with blue eyes.


Hino leads a terror organization that is said to commit the most atrocious acts since "The War" he was captured 8 years prior to the start of the story. Yet his organization under Beast and Snow White were able to assure his release from prison.

Prior to the start of the story he was trained as part of the special forces in Russia, he also is a former cosmonaut who likely has spent time in space.

In the end he was betrayed by Peter Pan, yet was able to save the life of Snow White.

Drama Summary[]



  • His codename is "King Arthur"
  • He holds only 'half' of the key
  • Seems that he holds a bit of skill as a hypnotist, as he was able to seal and create a lock with Snow White.