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Haruka Takagi (高木 遥 Takagi Haruka) is the daughter of Ryunosuke and younger sister of Fujimaru. Haruka is the love interest of Otoya, the grandson of the minister of Justice Masamune Kujo. She later marries Otoya and becomes Haruka Kujo.


Brown hair with brown eyes just like her father and brother.


Haruka always has a smile on her face went she sees Otoya. She cares very deep for her father and brother.


First Season Fujimaru's younger sister by two years. She suffers from Kidney failure, requiring dialysis about every three days. Haruka seems to have a slight crush on Otoya.

In the Second Season, She is shown to be much healtier, due to having been given a home dialysis machine from Otoya and his Grandfather. Allowing her to receive the treatment while she sleeps. She is after kept in the dark about events concerning Fujimaru and her father, for fear of the emotional stress impacting her health.

In the Last Season...

Drama Summary[]

First Season....

Second Season....


  • She is played by Umika Kawashima in the live action drama.
  • She is 15 years old in the first season, 17 in the second and 18 in the last.
  • She is 152 cm tall, her blood group is O, and she is a Cancer.
  • Her three sizes are B: 79, W: 58, H: 84
  • Her favorite food is cake.