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Fujimaru Takagi (高木藤丸 Takagi Fujimaru) is the son of Ryunosuke and Kanako Takagi and the older brother of Haruka. His nickname is Falcon. He later marries Hibiki.


He has brown hair with brown eyes. When he goes into Falcon mode his pupils become slits. It appears to be inherited, as his father also does this when fighting.


Fujimaru was taught how to use computers by his deceased mother as her legacy passed down to him. He could hack into adult sites when he was in fourth grade, and he used to look at them with Otoya.


First Season, He is a 2nd year high school student and a member of the Newspaper Club. Unknown to everyone but his father, the PSIA, and the Newspaper Club, he is also Falcon, a hacker prodigy who hacks into corrupt people's computers and brings their crimes to light. His remarkable computer skills are a legacy from his deceased mother, who taught Fujimaru how to use a computer before her death.

Second Season, In the second, Fujumaru is shown be living a relatively normal life - working at a cafe, and studying to pass the college entrance exams, which he had failed once on purpose, as Otoya put it. He seemed to have put his hacking days behind him due to the events that occurred during Bloody Monday. It was later revealed that he was actually still working for Third-i as a hacker, and that his cafe manager was also a member of Third-i. However in season 2, he ends up preventing a plane from crashing into the National Diet building, a nuclear meltdown and prevented Pandora Box from falling to the terrorists. In season 2, it is shown that he had been introduced to hacking through Peter Pan (who is one of the terrorists). His co-worker Hibiki turns out to be an agent sent by someone to kep an eye on him.

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  • He is played by Haruma Miura in the live action drama.
  • The name "Falcon" comes from the first kanji in his surname, "Taka" (高). The kanji used in "Takagi" means "tall" but another kanji with the same reading (鷹) means falcon.
  • In season 1, he is 162 cm tall, but is 172 cm in the second season.
  • His blood group is B.
  • He is a Leo and his birthday is July 24th.
  • His favorite food is pizza.
  • He is 16 years old in the first season. He would have been 17 if the story took place after his birthday that year. In the second season, he is 19 years old, and in the third, he is 20.