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Aoi Asada (朝田 あおい Asada Aoi) a classmate and childhood friend of Fujimaru. She is the vice-president of the newspaper club.


Both the color of her hair and her eyes are unknown.


Aoi is a very good friend and will do whatever for her friends; she has showed to even be willing to beat up a teacher. She is a very skilled karate fighter, being a female champion. She has great admiration for Ryunosuke Takagi.


First Season: A 2nd year and the Vice-president of the Newspaper Club. She is a student at the dojo where Fujimaru's father volunteers as a teacher.

Second Season: Asada too, returns in the second season, having now been accepted in Karate college though the bullet wound she suffered from Orihara, from the Bloody Monday incident, left a scar on her leg. It has been shown that she is being left in the dark about "Falcon's" continued activities.

Last Season: She barely appears in this season, but returns in the end to attend the Fujimaru/Hibiki and Otoya/Haruka double wedding.

Drama Summary[]

First Season....

Second Season....


  • She is played by Mina Fujii in the live action drama.
  • She is 17 in the first season, 19 in the second, and 20 in the last.
  • She is 162 cm tall, her blood group is AB, and she is a Libra.
  • Her three sizes are B: 85, W: 60, H: 88.
  • Her favorite food is the apple pie made at a specific fast food store, and salted squid.